"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?"

- Mary Oliver
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Welcome to the Transition Point! I am Kathryn O'Gould. Let's Consciously Create Your Happiest Life!

"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken" (Dune)

PHILOSOPHY: I believe that life goes through a transition every seven years. Through each phase of "Earth School" we are given opportunities to grow, change, and work on life/soul lessons and we experience various teachers throughout our lives known as fellow human beings. These seven year cycles keep the flow of our personal experiences moving forward. If you get stuck during any of life's transition points, that's where I come in! We each sow seeds every day with our thoughts, and one day we will harvest the outcome from the seeds we have sown. Therefore, we must plant our seeds with great care. We can't get to a happy ending unless we create that happiness today by our thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

CREATE! Happiness Life Coaching for creating the life you really are here to live. I'm happy to meet in person in Lakeview, MI or I coach over the phone and through email. The creative process is EASY, once you begin to harness your thoughts, words, actions and emotions. Let me show you how!

READ! When I am searching for an answer, I read. Please go see my blog at www.blog.seattlepi.com/consciouscreation. I'm also writing a blog about my journey through life and about living a mobile life with a presence in both Lakeview, MI and Seattle, WA. http://kathrynstravelsandtransitions.blogspot.com/

CREATE and DRIVE: Your thoughts, words and emotions create your life. When you choose to focus on positive outcomes, the outer world you experience always reflects this. "DRIVE TIME AFFIRMATION" CDs guide you through 30 positive affirmations to practice during your commutes or in your home. Two topics are still available to help harness your thoughts in creating positively. "My Home" and "My Spirituality". Start creating positive outcomes right in the seat of your car!

"Drive Time Affirmations" CD's

ABOUT ME! I have enjoyed my work as a Happiness/Life Coach for over 20 years. The Transition Point was created many years ago to help people move through transitional changes. I'm here to help you achieve the outcome of your desires. Through understanding the power within you to create a very happy life, you learn to use your power wisely. I offer in-person, phone sessions, or email sessions. My experiences as a coach, writer and speaker provide wonderful outcomes on creating happiness, What will you do with your one precious and amazing life? You are here NOW. Act today while you still have a body to move about this beautiful Earth.